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Re: Installer that supports 3ware raid

On Thu, 13 Feb 2003 16:50:08 +1100
Rob Weir <rweir@ertius.org> wrote:

> > Can someone give me the URL of a Debian installer CD that will
> > detect and install onto a system that has *only* 3ware IDE RAID
> > storage?
> Don't the bf2.4 support this?  Don't forget to build/download a proper
> kernel once you've installed.

I'm not sure I get it - when you say "once you've installed" - it seems
I'm unable to install the kernel without first having some disk space
available - but since the installer can't see my 3ware IDE RAID
controller, I don't have any disk space to give it.  (This is when I'm
using the official Debian net installation CD.)

Do I need a specific installer that has support for the controller?  Or
can I enable support in the installer durin the install process?  I did
find a 3w-xxxx driver by switching to another terminal, but I don't know
if it loaded properly, and in RAID1 mode.  I want to be sure I don't
hose my RAID array since I already have two other OS's on there that I'm
actively using.  (When partitioning my drive I left an empty 20GB
partition for an eventual Debian install - this will be my first.)

Thanks for any help

"The consumer is going to eat what he's given."  
   - David Farber, Chief Technologist, F.C.C.

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