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Re: Using of RedHat drivers in Debian

On Wed, 2003-02-12 at 03:22, Vladimir Kozlov wrote:
> We've just bought the Promise SX4000 ATA RAID card, but there sre no drivers for Debian.
> There are drivers for RedHat7.2/7.3, but I badly need to use this card in my Dual Pentium with Debian Woody.
> So, the question is - it is possible to use RedHat's driver in Debian? What kind of difficulties could be with this (of course I am rady to manually install and recompile kernel if necessary).
> Unfortunately, there is no source for driver, just .o module.
> If there is any thoughts - you are more than welcome...

I recently wrestled with a SX6000 card, but was unable to get it to work
properly. Your best bet is to return the card and get a 3ware 7500-4.

If that's not an option, make sure that the card's BIOS is the latest
version. In the BIOS setup, set the OS support to "Other OS".

If you're using kernel 2.4.20 or higher, it may detect the card as a I2O
device and work.


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