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Re: Size of an i386 mirror (unstable and testing)

* Nicos Gollan <gtdev@spearhead.de> [2003-02-11 14:07]:

> On Tuesday 11 February 2003 12:53, Lukas Ruf wrote:
> > what is the alogrithm used to determine the server to use?
> >
> > In my </etc/apt/sources.list> I specified about three different
> > servers.
> Read the debmirror manpage... It's hardwired to ftp.debian.org
> unless you give it an alternative host.

pardon, you misunderstood the question: 

  what is the algorithm used in <dselect> out of a list of different
  servers as specified in </etc/apt/sources.list> ?

For <debmirror>, I know how to specify the server, thanks.

Lukas Ruf
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