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Re: shuttle disaster

DvB wrote:

>Gary Turner <kk5st@sbcglobal.net> writes:
>> DvB wrote:
>> >Nathan E Norman <nnorman@incanus.net> writes:
>> <snip>
>> >> Yeah, after all it's not their money .. they just worked hard to earn
>> >> it.
>> >> 
>> >
>> >
>> >You don't "work hard" for stock dividends. You just put your money in
>> >stocks and they come all by themselves... although I guess I did word
>> >that a little strangely.
>> Where the hell do you think the money came from?  
>Dividends, also called "profit sharing," are monies payed to investors
>by companies as encourangement for current investors to continue to put
>their money in the aforementioned companies and to attract new

A share of the profit is a fair statement.  After all, the investor is
taking a vested interest (part ownership) in the enterprise.  A
profitable company does make further capitalization more attractive to
people with discretionary capital.  Oh, yeah, a profitable business is
more likely to continue paying wages.
>> If an investor can't expect a return, why should he put himself at
>> risk?
>Since when has the taxation of dividends robbed you of a return on your
>Following that argument. If I don't get a return from my work (in the
>form of an untaxed salary), why should I make an effort to earn a

Where did anything about taxes?  You implied that investors did not
deserve dividends, since they didn't make their money.  There was no
reference to taxation.
>> What kind of idiot was your economics prof?

If he wasn't an idiot, you slept through too many classes.
>More of an idiot than your fuzzy math prof, apparently.

Apparently :)
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