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Re: dpkg inconsistency

On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 11:35:49AM +0100, Florian Sukup wrote:
> Hi,
> I've done a really stupid thing:
> I tried to install&compile some stuff for the kernel which failed.
> I made a dump before that, which I restored to make my system running 
> again.
> But I forgot to dump & restore the /var parition.
> Therefore data in /var/lib/dpkg are not consistent with the rest of the 
> system.
> What can I do here? Is there a command which makes dpkg building its 
> database from the installed system?
> Thank you in advance for help!!!
> Florian.

There should be backup files of dpkg's "status" file in /var/backups.

If you don't have any backup files of status, this thread in archives 
discusses a method for recreating it. The script in the first message 
contains and error, so read subsequent messages also.



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