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Re: Canon Powershot A40 support?

on Fri, 07 Feb 2003 02:07:22PM +0000, Anthony Campbell insinuated:
> I'm thinking of buying a Canon Powershot A40 but need to confirm
> that it is supported in Linux. The gphoto2 website only lists the
> A50, which seems to be an older model. One or two people found on
> Google seem to think the A40 is supported but I need to be sure. Has
> anyone here used this camera?

haven't used it, but the newer version of gphoto2 (from sid, which i
have installed for my PowerShot S200) says it supports it:

orange:~> gphoto2 --list-cameras | egrep 'Canon.*A40'                    [38,1]
        "Canon PowerShot A40"

orange:~> dpkg -l gphoto2                                                  [39]
||/ Name           Version        Description
ii  gphoto2        2.1.0-9        The gphoto2 digital camera library

you should be all set.


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