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RE: downloader advice ?

I had the same problems with NTL.  Try WVdial - it auto-redials and it
doesn't drop the interface (or normally connections) when redialing.


Colin Ellis
Solution City Ltd

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From: Dave Selby [mailto:dave_arahan@yahoo.co.uk]
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Subject: downloader advice ?

I am on unmeted internet via NTL UK. This works OK except after 2 Hrs on
NTL stops sending data but does not drop the line. This is a NTL thing,
however not dropping the line causes me problems when I want to download
large files.

I need the line to be dropped and then the downloader to re-dial, giving me
another 2Hrs of download time.

At present I have setup dial on demand, which works great, so I am halfway

Does anyone know of a downloader that will drop and re-dial every couple of
hours or a work around to do this ?

All help much appreciated

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