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Re: Desktop environment---what am I missing?

nate wrote:

>Gary Turner said:
>> I run X with icewm.  No KDE or Gnome.  What would be the advantage(s) of
>> adding one of these facilities?
>a more integrated "experience". Generally a more consistant look &
>feel between the apps. File managers with a good deal of mime types
>configured so you can click/double click on a file and have it open
>in the default app.

Tnx, Nate.  There's nothing there that I just hafta have.  I usually
call files from the app rather than have the file start the app, and
icewm's look is consistent enough for me.  The primary need here for X
lies in browsers.  I'll have 7 or 8 open at a time to test web pages.
Now, if you have a quick/simple/direct way to copy/cut/paste between X
and console...

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