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Re: Samba + LDAP

nate wrote:

> I reccomend samba-tng over samba for PDC stuff, the -tng branch is
> more advanced, has more features(more PDC-like) then samba(in general)
> though it's been a while(march 2002) since I last tried samba as a PDC
> nate

I used to be a big fan of samba-tng too! but actually samba is the way
to go now, including for the PDC stuff. Latest releases (currently at
2.2.7a, 2.2.8 rsn) can totally replace doze as a PDC in a production
environment, especially when using LDAP for auth.
3.0 looks set to be even better, we've been playing with it for a while
now and the LDAP integration is really quite sane, plus with its long
sought after BDC abilities vanilla samba will pretty much have caught up
with tng. There really is _no reason_ to run windows as file/print/auth
server these days.


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