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Re: cdrecord exit status 254

> UTSL.  It looks to me like cdrecord exits with -2 (which is 254 as an
> unsigned char IIRC) when there are non-fatal errors.

UTSL - good idea.  why didn't I think of that? :)

(pts/8)root@marsala:/tmp/cdrtools-2.0/cdrecord$ grep -i return * | grep "\-2"
(pts/8)root@marsala:/tmp/cdrtools-2.0/cdrecord$ grep -i exit * | grep "\-2"
cdrecord.c:     comexit(errs?-2:0);

you are right.  looks like cdrecord exits witch -2 whenever errs is non-zero.

there are 6 cases when errs++ occurs.

cdrecord.c line number:

This is the first time I have actually used apt-get source.  For some reason I 
always expected browsing through the code to be a lot harder than this.  Now 
I see the advantage in having the source readily available.  Thanks for the 

> make will not throw a fit over non-zero exit status if you prefix the
> command with a '-'; thus "-rm -f *~ *.o" will work even if no files
> existed to be deleted.  'info make' for all the details.

cool. thanks again.

-jason pepas

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