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Re: how to setup a MX record?

On Thu, Jan 30, 2003 at 03:14:36PM +0100, Roman Joost wrote:
| Is there some howto available for seting up a MX record? 

How to create the record depends on who and what serves your DNS.  If
you are the DNS authority and using bind, put the following in your
zone file :
    gecko.romanofski.de.     IN      MX       0 gecko.romanofski.de.
(the first domain must be the RHS of your email address, the second
one, when queried, will yield the A record of the machine handling
mail for the first domain)

| Maybe i need no MX record, but i running with this into trouble:

You don't NEED an MX record since the standard dictates that an A
record will be used if the MX is lacking.  You WILL need one or more
MX records if the machine the A record points to doesn't handle mail.

| >  SMTP<< 220 monty-python.gnu.org ESMTP Exim 4.10.13
| >  SMTP>> MAIL FROM:<roman@gecko.romanofski.de> SIZE=3108
| >  SMTP<< 451 Could not complete sender verify callout

Read the error message: Sender verification failed.  That means that
exim (since that's what monty-python.gnu.org is running) couldn't
determine that the sender address was valid.  More and more sites are
verifying the sender address to avoid the costs associated with spam.

| I will be thankful if someone has an idea. 

The sender verify callout operates by attempting to deliver a bounce
message (but stopping before actually sending the message) to the
sender.  The sender is given in the MAIL FROM: command, and in this
case is roman@gecko.romanofski.de.  If I try to, manually, send an
email to that address this is what I get :

$ host -t mx gecko.romanofski.de
    # no MX record, fall back to A record
$ host -t a gecko.romanofski.de
gecko.romanofski.de has address
$ telnet smtp
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out

The result is that roman@gecko.romanofski.de is not a valid email
address.  If the remote server had accepted the message, then had some
failure in delivering it, it would be unable to notify you with a
bounce message.

What is your email address supposed to be?  Is it roman@romanofski.de?
Or is it romanjoost@gmx.de?  Which do you want to use as the return
address for mail you send out?  The answers here will determine how
you should set the rewrite rules in exim to correct the address.


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