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woody and demudi/sid on one machine

hi everyone,

just bought a nice big hard drive so I have lots of space, and thought
it would be fun to run stable and unstable simultaneously on my
machine.  In fact, more specifically, here is my plan:

-continue to run woody in its current location
-install a second copy of woody in a new partition, and use it as the
base system for an installation of demudi -- which broke stuff the
lastt time I tried to install it.  Once I get that working, I'd like
to slowly start migrating the demudi distribution to sid.  

My question is:  what partitions can I share between the distros?  And
if I want to be able to change freely back and forth between them with
chroot, what do I have to be careful to keep consistent?  So for
instance, do I need to be absolutely sure to have the same kernel in
both distros?  And can I share /usr/local, /var, and /home?  What else?

ANy advice is welcome.  Including advising me that this is a stupid
plan.  thanks for the help,

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