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Re: Streaming server for linux

On Wed, Jan 29, 2003 at 11:55:50AM -0800, faisal gillani wrote:
| Does debian linux has a streaming server ? i mean like
| win2000 has windows media server ? 
| so that i can broadcast my mp3,s & video mpg,s on
| networks with multicast enabled ?
| also if it is available , is it stable ? easy to
| configure ? & present on any cd of debian ?

I found gnump3d and libapache-mod-mp3 (I have a preference for the
apache mod since it is one less daemon running and one less network
port to open up).  They can stream both MP3 and OGG files.  They're
both fairly easy to setup, if you follow the directions.  I
discovered, though, that WinAmp can't play a streamed ogg.  XMMS has
no trouble with it.  (Also, 128Kbit upstream isn't really sufficient
either, unless the audio file has a lower bitrate)


The nice thing about windoze is - it does not just crash,
it displays a dialog box and lets you press 'ok' first.

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