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Re: External serial modem advice ?

On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, Michael D. Crawford wrote:

> I have a Hayes Accura 336/56k fax modem that mostly works well with Linux.  But
> sometimes the modem becomes unresponsive and the only way I can get it to work
> again is to power cycle it.  That happens regardless of the OS on the computer
> it's connected to.

We've got an internal Accura that we use for sync connections to EDI
servers, and for the occasional async(normal) connection.  Granted, this
is on Windows though.  I wanted to go with a Courier, EDI spec'd the

It works a lot more reliably than the $5000 2400 baud full length modem it

> It's really sad to see that from a Hayes product.  I have also used a Hayes
> 1200 (that I bought for $700!) and a Hayes 28.8, and they were both rock-solid.
>   Each gave years of performance without a hint of trouble.

I've always liked USR, even with the Sportster 28.8 disaster of a few
years ago.

At home, I use a courier that was originally a 28.8, upgraded for free to
33.6, upgraded for free to x2, upgraded free to v.90, and I think it was
upgraded for free to v.92 as well when that came out.

There's a Courier HST sitting over on a cabinet here that I found in a
drawer, it's the old 8"x10" format.  Believe it's a 16.8, and with a 100
dollar daughterboard, upgradable to v.92.

USR really did make their Couriers the last modem you'll ever need.


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