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Re: Updating Critical Packages Only

[Please wrap your lines!  It makes it much easier to read, and thus more likely
that you'll get a response.  Anywhere between 70 and 80 is acceptable; 72 seems
to be a nice value.]

On Mon, Jan 27, 2003 at 10:25:24PM -0800, S Yuval wrote:
> I recently bought the Debian 3.0r1 7-CD set and am trying to upgrade
> some obsolete packages. 

You're using woody?  Aside from a couple of security updates, nothing
has changed in woody since r1 was released.  Are you sure you're not
using testing?

> However, it turns out that if I ask apt to
> update its package database, most packages I have on the CD-set become
> obsolete and can no longer be installed conveniently through dselect.
> Since I cannot afford to spend nights downloading new packages for my
> entire system, and I purchased the CDs to avoid having to do that, is
> there any way to tell apt-get to update only the critically important
> packages like glibc, libstdc++, ncurses, etc. and not the entire
> system?

Hmmm, I'm almost certain that there have not been DSA's issued about
glibc, ncurses and libstdc++ in the past month or however long it's been
r1 was released.  glibc hasn't even changed in sarge for months now.
Are you using sid, perchance?


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