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Re: No audio from cd-rom


>> > I was going to rip some music to my hd (for private use of
>> course...:) with grip but it didn't find anything. *No Disc* it
>> says. When I tried to play the cd with a cdplayer it didn't work
>> either. Otherwise the cd-rom works as it should. Can someone tell me
>> why this happens?
>> You mean the CD didn't play well in a normal CD-player either? In that
>> case, it seems quite obvious something's wrong with the CD, and not
>> with your CD-ROM.
> No, I,m talking about my computer, I tried to use the same drive but
> using other software cdplayer to just play from the same cd. There's
> nothing wrong with the cd itself. The problem is: my cd-rom drive does
> not play audio cd's in my stationary Debian box. Why is that?

You have to make a distinction between playing a CD in your CD-ROM
and expecting to hear music, and ripping that very CD.

If the disc is spinning, and you're player is, ehm, playing, but you
don't hear the music, chances are you just don't have a cable connecting
your CD-player to your soundcard. MS Windows doesn't need such a cable,
but Linux does (although there must be workarounds available, I'd say).

If grip doesn't sense your CD, you should check if you point it to the
right direction. Is it a simulated SCSI-device? Go for /dev/scd0, /dev/sg0
or whatever SCSI should have. If not, /dev/hdb or /dev/hdc should do
just fine.

Anyway, I have the peculiar feeling I'm not helping you at all with the
above gibberish. Still, it's all I know, so if things doesn't work out
after checking all that stuff, I'm afraid I can't help you.

BTW, do you manage to play other CD's correctly?


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