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Re: /var still counts /var/cache

Michael Heironimus said:

> Did you rm all the files from the old /var/cache before you mounted the
> new filesystem on top of it? If you mount a new filesystem on /var/cache
> you can't see the original contents, but they're still there. Other than
> that, I've sometimes seen Linux ext2 filesystems that filled up
> completely not drop below 100% again until they were fsck'd. fsck didn't
> actually DO anything, it found no errors at all, but the filesystem went
> from 100% down to the level where it was supposed to be.

could be because most fsck's take place on an unmounted filesystem and
when you unmount a filesystem you gotta terminate all processes that are
using it, when this happens any deleted files that were still 'open' will
be purged.

can be a bit misleading sometimes but I like it better then Win32 systems
which just outright block you from deleting the file, at least on linux I
can delete it, and know it will be purged at the earliest possible time.


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