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Re: redirect of "ls --color" causes problems

* Vineet Kumar (debian-user@virtual.doorstop.net) [030125 23:30]:
> * David Z Maze (dmaze@debian.org) [030125 20:14]:
> > So while bash and zsh have aliases, you can't actually do much with
> > them.
> come again?  What would you like to do with them that you can't?

Well, I just did a little reading of bash(1), and I see what you mean.

> The shell function seems like overkill.  I'd doubt that there's any
> performance difference, but the alias is easier syntactically and
> conceptually, for the newbie.

... so I recant this.  The alias will work, but I suppose it's best to
get in the habit of using shell functions instead.  (Although it's worth
noting that zsh's aliases are a bit more versatile than bash's (along
with just about everything else in zsh >=) ))

good times,
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