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Re: autofs vs amd: Is there a preference?

hi ya bob

On Sat, 25 Jan 2003, Bob Proulx wrote:

> Alvin writes:
> > autofs is sorta broken in most distro... you need to tweek the config
> > files   to get it to do what you want
> Agreed.  I *always* have to modify it to /net.  Although broken is
> probably too harsh.  Is there a standard there?  I don't know and it

yup... i tend to use /.autofs as the mountdir...
and usr explicit symlinks from /.autofs  to /net/{host}

and the local link is  ln -s ../ /net/host

works good for all my scripts to keep all boxes in sync with each other


> The autofs in 2.4.18 on x86 is rock solid.  So is the am-utils' amd.
> I only suffer from the unavoidable NFS issues due to the design of
> NFS and I can't blame either automounter for those problems.

think we just need to train the windoze users from touching the
servers .... ( no reboots, no resets, no root access, no ssh logins, etc )
seems to make for a better nfs environment..

reset/kill the main servers  ( like home:/home and mail:/var/spool/mail )
and listen to all the moans all at the same time ... it's hilarious ...
( shit, damn, f!@#%, not again... what da !@#$%...

c ya

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