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Re: Memory usage on debian

Hans Wilmer said:

> It almost looks as if the X server had a serious memory leak. Is there an
> explanation for its enormous memory allocation?

most of it is due to the video memory on your card, X includes that in
the "memory usage". Another is memory leaks depending on what you
run. Much of the leaks I don't think are purely the X server's fault
but the apps themselves, especially if you do a lot of graphics work.

check this out ..I think this is among the highest memory usage I have
seen for X..

root      1125  0.3 12.4 372424 96436 ?      S<L  Jan09  82:23
/usr/bin/X11/X -dpi 100

128MB video card. My old P3-733 I used at work(16MB) used to get bigger
(420MB), but that was with 30 virtual desktops and more then a month
of running w/o restarting X. As a result I'd have to restart X at about
that point as it would get more and more sluggish. The above machine
has only about 10 virtual desktops and a fraction of the uptime.


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