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Re: M$ Curse

On Sat, 25 Jan 2003, Jernej Zidar wrote:

> After a Windows reinstall, I have lost lilo. How do I install lilo or any
> bootloader, so I will be able to access my linux system?
> As the system crash was not planned i have no floppy with my custom kernel
> etc. The only thing i have is the Debian 3.0r0 CD set.
> the linux system was running a 2.4.18 custom kernel and XFree4.0
> Thanx for any help.
> JZidar

>From memory:
1) Try to boot with the installation cd (rescue mode). Might work if you
do not need any extraordinary modules or features to start up your
system, although you can get a _lot_ of messages concerning modules.

2) Normal cd-boot to installation screen. Go to second console. Mount
everything, chroot to your system, run lilo.


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