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Re: Window Managers

James Buchanan wrote:


When I run `startx' I would like afterstep to run, and I would like a menu
giving me a list of all the window managers/desktop environments that I can
run.  How do I tell startx to run afterstep by default?

Several people have answered this question, but I haven't seen a response to your desire for a menu. The easiest way would be to run a graphical session manager like gdm or kdm, which will let you pick from a list of installed wm's each time you log in via that session manager. If you wanted to stay away from graphical session managers, you could "roll your own" text-based script (someone's probably already done it and made it available, so you could roll your own or spend time looking for someone else's script).

Oh yes, apparently Gnome is installed, but how do I run

I believe it's "exec gnome-session" in your ~/.xinitrc, but don't quote me on that.


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