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Re: Mapping eth0 two ways

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Phil Reynolds <phil@tinsleyviaduct.com> wrote around 21 Jan 2003
[🔎] 20030121122556.GA7829@tinsleyviaduct.com:">news:[🔎] 20030121122556.GA7829@tinsleyviaduct.com: 

>>  Note that you either have to specify a kernel parameter or enter the
>>  chosen environment by hand during boot time. The boot process will
>>  stop until you entered something.
> Unfortunately, there seems to be little if any documentation for this
> on how to get it to achieve what I need. 

It only *seems* that way. The lack of an 'info' page or an equivalent
'man' page for netenv is unfortunate for new users -- who are quite
precisely the people who are fairly likely to need detailed
instructions. I am such a person, and I have the same dilemma as you do.
Now, you may have discovered by time of this writing what I did when the
desperation grew sufficiently intense: that the real documentation for
netenv is fairly good (for Free Software) and extensive and lives in
/usr/share/doc/netenv. This dir contains a html-format guide and
supplemental files that demo various strategies. Specifically a file
"network.opts" existing there seems to be a starting-point for what you 
want to do. 

As I understand it, netenv is exactly what you want to use. I myself am
trying to set up a laptop to connect sometimes through a cable provider
using DHCP that gives out dynamic ip's, and sometimes as an unconnected
stand-alone box with only a reserved private IP (technically I guess I
don't even need that, but anyway I may being trying to peer-to-peer it
with a MSWin box later, so making an IP assignment from the reserve
pools, already, isn't a bad idea). 

One thing I need to achive, that is failing apparently, is assigning a
different MAC address to my NIC than the one 'hard-coded' in or
automatic to, that card. The reason being of course that my cable
provider tracks MACs and won't allow connection by a new system (as
sensed by a different MAC address). But it seems like the card isn't
accepting the change, even though the HOWTOs and docus seem to say that
most cards will: 

  root$ifconfig eth0 down
  root$ifconfig eth0 [IP] netmask [NETMASK] hw ether AB:CD:EF:01:02:03 [up]

If anyone can see what I might be doing wrong in that command above please 
help me out!

  Good Luck,
    Soren A

"So, tell me, my little one-eyed one, on what poor, pitiful,
defenseless planet has my MONSTROSITY been unleashed?"
                       - Dr. Jumba, Disney's "Lilo & Stitch"

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