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Re: Kernel Compile Issue

On Fri, 24 Jan 2003 the mental interface of 
Michael Kahle told:

> Sorry I wasn't very clear here.  I wanted to load the ethernet card as a
> module.  I thought that is what I had done when I built the first kernel.
> But because I could not see any modules with lsmod and mod probe, I went

check your config for
# Loadable module support

> back to menuconfig to check if I bult the ethernet card into the kernel.  As
> it turnes out, I did.  So I rebult the kernel, this time ensuring that I
> selected my NIC as a module.  After compiling and installing I rebooted,
> same problem.  That is, the NIC was still part of the kernel and NOT a
> module.  Worse yet, it didn't grab an IP.


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