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Re: Next release schedule (was: Re: gnome 1.4 or gnome 2 ??)

On Fri, Jan 24, 2003 at 12:18:16AM -0500, Mark L. Kahnt wrote:
> Reading the observation of "speeding up the release cycle," I wonder if
> the new release efforts should not be invoked shortly after the libc6
> logjam breaks, particularly if KDE 3.1 and Gnome 2/2.2 can be brought in
> with it. That would hopefully mean a package freeze coming into place in
> June or July, and with luck, a release in time for early September.

Wow, such optimism!  While that would be a pleasant surprise, I've
been guessing somewhere between 12/03 and 3/04 myself, especially
given that a lot of geek events are going to be distracting
maintainers this year.  Namely, The Matrix 2 *and* 3 are coming out
this summer, as well as I think another Lord of the Rings movie and/or
Star Wars III, though I'm not sure about the last two; plus all the
normal stuff like Comdex and Linuxworld, et al.  deb.conf.au is also
supposed to be going on sometime soon, if it hasn't already happened.

> Alternately, we will end up with the usual release delays (which if you
> have ever been involved in a major project only a fraction the size of
> Debian, are a given) and no matter what the best intentions, unbridled
> dedication and skilled programming efforts, we will still end up with
> the usual "close to two years or so" time until the next release.

This being said, if you want it to release faster, pick up a compiler
and go over here:


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