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Re: Re: IDE for java

On Thu, 2003-01-23 at 06:33, Benedict Verheyen wrote:

> When you say "make", is that the same make program most c++ programs use?
> If so, i didn't know one could use it with other languages. I'll have to start learning it then.

Sure; make is language-agnostic. For that matter, it doesn't even need
to be used in conjunction with programming. I use make with LaTeX
projects to generate the .dvi and .ps, and with docbook projects for the
same purpose. I use make in my /etc/postfix directory to automatically
regenerate the postfix maps and restart postfix if a map has changed. 

Any time you have one file that is the result of running a program on
anothe file, it's a good candidate to automate the generation of that
file with make. 

Dave Carrigan
Seattle, WA, USA
dave@rudedog.org | http://www.rudedog.org/ | ICQ:161669680

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