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RE: regexp help

I really do not know why filters like this are so popular, surely they need
constant manual changes to keep up with the spam.

I have found the bayesian filters to be much much more effective and easier
to mangage.

hey ho, each to their own I suppose.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Dave W [mailto:nospam2@starband.net] 
> Sent: Friday, January 24, 2003 6:21 AM
> To: debian users list
> Subject: regexp help
> I'm using animail and spamassassin on my mail now, with 
> -some- success on spam, but need help with animail's 
> ~/.animail/filter file.  It can be filled with regexps for 
> mail blocking, but I'm a regexp newbie and can't find how the 
> heck to do an "and" in a regexp.  "or" is easy, but _is_ 
> there an "and" function for regexps?
> Right now my filter file is simple, like this:
> ^Subject:.*custom.*website
> ^Subject:.*celeb*
> ^From:.*discount
> ^Subject:.*discount
> ^From:.*cbc@notrix.net
> ^Subject:.*laudable.*project
> /viagra/
> /penis/
> ...but I'd like to be able to block subject lines or bodies 
> that have, say, 'celeb' and 'sex' in any order.
> Pointers or even rtfms that point to the right fms would be 
> appreciated.
> dave w
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