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Hello everybody,

I've got some probs with dosemu;
First I installed a dosemu from elsewhere but I
couldn't get it to work so I removed it;
I didn't install the debian version the first time
because apt-get kept saying it couldn't find it (How
can I make it find more packages such as dosemu ??)

Anyway when I enter "dosemu" I get this


   DOSEMU will run on _this_ terminal.
   To exit you need to execute 'exitemu' from within
   because <Ctrl>-C and 'exit' won't work!

   Note, that DOS needs 25 lines and xterm per default
has only 24,
   so you might want to enlarge it before continuing.

   Hint: if you want $HOME as DOS drive D:, use
'-home' option

   Now type ENTER to start DOSEMU or <Ctrl>C to


Hitting enter gets me here:


Linux DOS emulator $Date: 2001/10/13 $
Last configured at Sat Mar 23 09:22:41 EST 2002 on

Sorry, there is no operating system.
Have a nice day!


I've got no idea what this mess means - I do know the
thing won't respond to anything after that :-(

What should I do to get dosemu working ?
Thanks in advance,

Joris Huizer

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