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Re: hard crash despite UPS

Mike Dresser said:

> Last I checked, nut and apcupsd didn't support talking to it via network,
> so I'm stuck with using powerchute.

I had a couple APC units with the SNMP cards, used APC Network shutdown
on the systems, worked pretty well. only downside was tryin to get
java workin on some of the more obscure platforms(AIX 4.3, Solaris 2.5-2.6,
Tru64). On debian and redhat it was a snap though. solaris 7 and 8 was
pretty easy too.

> OT: I wish APC's estimator was anything CLOSE to what actual loads are.
> APC tried to claim it was because I was using power bars.  The estimated
> run time was supposed to be 5-6 hours with the load we have, it's
> actually 3.5.  Big difference!

I haven't tried the load estimator. my biggest APC unit was a 2200 with
2 rackmount battery packs, at about 60% load it gave me approx 2 and
a half hours of runtime. Keep in mind that the rackmount battery packs
count as 2 battery packs, so when configuring the UPS to make it aware
of the battery packs double the amount if its a rackmount(4 batteries
vs 2 in the floor models).

> Do those cyberpower's not have cooling or something?  I haven't heard the
> fan shut off on our 1000XL yet.

the 1500AVR has a fan but doesn't kick in unless it gets real warm. I
emailed cyberpower's support and they said my temps were normal. The 900
AVRs that I have do not have cooling.


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