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Re: GNOME == bloatware?

On Wed, 22 Jan 2003 13:10:48 -0600
"Jamin W. Collins" <jcollins@asgardsrealm.net> wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 22, 2003 at 10:05:20AM -0800, Steve Juranich wrote:
> > So I'm wondering if I've got some binaries that aren't optimized for
> > my system somehow, or this is just the state of GNOME.  If so, I'm
> > going to take a serious second look at ditching the whole 'desktop 
> > environment' altogether and go with something like IceWM.
> That seems to be about the state of things.  The "desktop environments"
> are quite bulky.  There are quite a few nice things about them, but they
> do take quite a bit of room (WRT to both HD and memory space).  I
> wouldn't attempt to run any of the DEs on most of my systems.  However a
> sensible combination of window manager and applications work fine.
> Define the features that you need from your applications and then take a
> look for applications that provide them with small foot prints.  You'll
> be amazed at how little memory and drive space you need to consume.

The third DE; Xfce is well worth a look, V3 is quite usable if a bit too
much like CDE in looks and will run happily on a PII 266 with 64MB. V4
doesn't yet have a session manager but is starting to look very nice, I've
not tried it on the 266, but it runs fine on a PII 333 with 192 which is
quite glutinous with KDE3.1.


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