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Re: autofs vs amd: Is there a preference?

hi ya

On 21 Jan 2003, Paul Smith wrote:

>   ao> autofs vs amd is like tinydns vs bind or exim vs sendmail ( its
>   ao> does it do the minimum you need or is it loaded w/ unused features
> ... that is unless you use them.
> Like /net.  Which almost every enterprise environment I've seen makes
> heavy use of.

yes ... /net is easy enough ( though clumbsy ) to do even in autofs

	/.net           /etc/auto.net   --timeout=60

	server1		 -fstype=nfs,ro          server1:/
	server2		 -fstype=nfs,ro          server2:/

ls -la /net/*/etc/passwd   works good...  or whatever it is one wants
to see

> OTOH, my neighbor just enabled autofs on his RH 8 system today after
> weeks of using amd with no problems, and he had hardly started doing
> anything when the kernel oopsed in the autofs code.

autofs is sorta broken in most distro... you need to tweek the config
files   to get it to do what you want

and yes... dont stop autofs when people are using it... all hell will
break loose... :-)

what amd has that autofs doesnt have is multi-home and submounts

c ya

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