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Re: GRUB -- hangs on boot

On Mon, Jan 20, 2003 at 01:53:54PM -0600, will trillich wrote:
| any reason why grub would hang on startup? i see "GRUB" after
| the bios stuff, and then... nothing.

I bet you don't have the MBR configured correctly.  Here is a scenario
which will show what you're seeing :
    1)  load grub on a floppy
    2)  boot from floppy
    3)  from the shell run the "setup" command (IIRC, I haven't done
            this in a while)
    4)  remove the floppy
    5)  reboot

What happens is the stage1, on the MBR, is set to look for the stage2
on the floppy disk.  It doesn't find it, so it gets stuck.  If you put
the floppy in at that point it would work.

The solution is to specify where the stage2 is to be found -- on the
hard drive.  I like to eject the grub floppy once it has loaded so
that I'll get an error if I don't correctly specify where to get the
stage2 from (it defaults to the disk grub loaded from, which is the
floppy in this case, and that wouldn't be found during the install if
the floppy has been removed).


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