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Re: Can't upgrade from slink to woody!

On Sun, 2003-01-19 at 12:05, Pigeon wrote:
> Hi,
> Just got a set of Woody CDs (thanks Gerald!) to upgrade my slink
> system. I've copied them all onto hard drives as iso images and
> loopback mounted them (read only) to avoid mucking around swapping CDs.
> I then  used apt-cdrom to add them all to /etc/apt/sources.list, and
> ran apt-get update. It gets 64% of the way through Reading Package
> Lists and then segfaults.
> This is of course the slink version of apt, 0.3.11.
> The CD-ROM entries in sources.list are the only ones there.
> As a wild guess I tried the cache-limit cure for "dynamic mmap ran out
> of room" on the theory that maybe an older version of apt didn't give
> such a useful error message. It made no difference; varying the limit
> didn't affect the 64%.
> I have also tried dselect, but its multi-cd access method doesn't seem
> to work; it only lets me tell it about one CD at a time.
> Any ideas on how to get either of these methods working? Since the C
> libraries will be upgraded I have no desire to upgrade by hand!

Could you try updating to Potato first?  That way, you won't be
making such a huge version leap in almost every bit of software
in one step.

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