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Can't upgrade from slink to woody!


Just got a set of Woody CDs (thanks Gerald!) to upgrade my slink
system. I've copied them all onto hard drives as iso images and
loopback mounted them (read only) to avoid mucking around swapping CDs.
I then  used apt-cdrom to add them all to /etc/apt/sources.list, and
ran apt-get update. It gets 64% of the way through Reading Package
Lists and then segfaults.

This is of course the slink version of apt, 0.3.11.
The CD-ROM entries in sources.list are the only ones there.
As a wild guess I tried the cache-limit cure for "dynamic mmap ran out
of room" on the theory that maybe an older version of apt didn't give
such a useful error message. It made no difference; varying the limit
didn't affect the 64%.

I have also tried dselect, but its multi-cd access method doesn't seem
to work; it only lets me tell it about one CD at a time.

Any ideas on how to get either of these methods working? Since the C
libraries will be upgraded I have no desire to upgrade by hand!


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