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Re: no xserver

anthony baldwin wrote:

I installed woody for the first time yetserday on a frankenstein box I
made outta spare parts (It has run redhat).
I had several issues, starts and restarts, but I finally got through
the entire install and rebooted...and the xserver wouldn't start...

Lots of possibilities. What happens when you type "startx"?

You might want to try "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86".

More details, please.

This is a bit frustrating, I must say.  It certainly doesn;t take me all weekend to install Red Hat.  Of course, I know that Debian is not trying to make money, just
build great FREE software, and I respect that.

Debian runs on almost /everything/; accordingly, the Debian installer can't get way with making assumptions about the hardware and what the user wants the way Redhat /et al/ can. This means that the installation doesn't always go as smoothly as other distros. On the other hand, you only have to install a Debian system once; maintenance and upgrades are easy. Some of the other distros, when it comes time to upgrade, you essentially have to do a re-install. (I understand that things are getting better in this regard.) Debian has its priorities elsewhere than in an easy-to-install system (although it's worlds better than it was a couple of versions ago - thanks, guys!)

I have an old monitor that someon was throwing away (can't handle more than 800x600 at 60, and 256 colors, even).  The video is onboard the mobo, an MSI G11-CB00056
Any ideas?
As exasperating as your install is, I totally dig the true spirit of freedom and community that Debian appears to embody.
For reference, I have only about 10 months experience using Linux all together.  I have installed and used several RedHats (7.0-8.0), Corel(debian based, right?

Yes, Corel is Debian-based, as is Lindows (think $300 Wal-Mart PC).

but has a graphical install that is much easier to follow), Blue Linux, and Lycoris.
Further, I am an English teacher, not a computer scientist (trying to learn).
Any assistance appreciated.  Maybe I saw you at freenode irc #debian (I am tony, photodharma or zenteach).


Read, Connect, Learn!

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