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Re: debian-newbe problems w. ssh & .profile

Hej Oliver!

I'm a newbie in Debian, too, not in LinuX in general...

At 13:50 19.01.2003 +0100, you wrote:
Hi folks,
I just installed debian, and that´s why I installed debian, makes me trouble now;) !

I have to setup ssh, to use it with the windows TTSSH client. This only understands ssh < 1.5, so I decided to use protocol 1. Also I have an old server, which also understands
I changed Protocol (etc/ssh/sshd_config) to 1,2 and restarted sshd.
I got the message ...: sshd Could not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_key
Disabling protocol version1
Ok, lets make a key 'ssh-keygen' but now the problem starts.
It just shows me a lot of options :-X
Could anybody point me how to make a protocol 1 key ?

I run a sshd on my LinuX-DSL-Router. There I simply use makekey to generate a collection of keys!
It doesnt work on my Debian this way.....

I´d like to set up '.profile' to have some commands be aliased.
so I made a .profile in the /root directory. But it will not be read, or
maybe not interpreted correct when I log in as root.
BTW I would like to have a .profile for every user on the system.
Can one also point me in the right direction ?

Find out which shell you run (typically bash)!
Then edit in every users directory the .bashrc (.<shellname>rc) for inserting aliases!


Thanks In advance

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