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RE: Curious...Are most of you in tech-related careers/schooling?

| I wonder if all (or most) of you are in similar careers and that is
| why you are so proficient with compiling and testing and tweaking
| all of this stuff.  Or is it just a hobby that has gone on for so
| long that you have advanced your knowledge of Linux/Debian to these
| levels that all of you are at?
| Just curious...

Well, yes and no.  I have sort of a round about computer history.  I got my
first computer when I was 10, a TI-99/4A -- that should date me properly,
and I liked it a lot.  I got a Commodore 128 a few years later and learned
assembly.  I went to college to become a musician and later sold out my art
for money, I changed to a business major.  Got BBA and an MBA, I'm also a
CPA.  I'm addicted to college, so I came back to computing and am working on
a MS in CS with 9 hours to go!  I've been on debian since bo, and I like to
program in plain old C (if you can't do it in C, it can't or shouldn't be
done).  I work as an accountant/systems admin for a manufacturing company.


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