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Re: need some readline tricks [my part is SOLVED!]

On Sun, Dec 22, 2002 at 03:08:15PM +0100, Michael Naumann wrote:
> 20.12.2002 22:26:16, andrej hocevar <ah@siol.net> wrote:
> >Besides, how do I represent function keys?
> I think, they are represented just like cursor keys.
> Unfortunatly (to my knowledge, which may well be incomplete), there
> is no terminal independent way to denote these keys.
> What you can do is:
> cat -A
> then press the cursor key in question and see, what sequence is issued.
> Replace the ^[ (Escape) you see with \M- (Meta) for .inputrc

I've just found out how to make the function keys more useful!
To get the key number, use "showkeys". Then run "loadkeys <<end"
and type in, say:

keycode 59 = F100
string F100 = "apt-get install"

And that's it. The manpage keymaps(5) is helpfull and so is
"dumpkeys" and its manpage.
Similarly, one can make use of the "windows" keys for faster use
of vi-like editors:

loadkeys <<end
keycode 126 = colon


NB: This has nothing to do with readline 8-)

echo ${girl_name} > /etc/dumpdates

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