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Re: apt-get remove exim .... wants to remove more?

> All of those packages depend on a MTA; try "apt-get install qmail."
> Apt will be much happier when it realizes that you are merely switching
> MTAs. Also, apt will leave your exim config files, so you can merely
> "apt-get install exim" at the end of your test drive and things should go
> back to the way they were.

Can leave Exim installed if I install Qmail from source?
(Exim is not started at boot time)

If so then I might just leave Exim alone and install Qmail from source.
I want to do Qmail from source so I know where things are.
Don't get me wrong, apt-get is my best friend, but sometimes I don't
learn what is going on behind the scenes.

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