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Re: minimal impact kernel upgrade

Simon Tod said:
> The current kernel I'm using on my laptop - "unname
> -r" gives just 2.4.19 without any extensions (?) -
> doesn't support APM. All I'm really interested in
> doing is and "apt-get install kernel-image-2.4.19-686"
> and following the instructions... BUT how can I do
> this without screwing up all the stuff that works
> already like the sound, pcmcia modem, cdrw, etc. -
> don't know how this lot was configured in the first
> place as I didn't do the initial install.
> Thanks in advance...

try dpkg -l | grep kernel-image

that may reveal more info on what your running. it may not
return anything.

upgrading/changing kernel, especially if its a minor change
(2.4.x->2.4.x) should not affect the system config in any way
unless you are using custom modules which you compiled from
source, those may need to be recompiled. most people don't use
such modules though(Nvidia, vmware are common examples).


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