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Re: Solved, maybe a bug? Re: ftp/telnet services down, fetchmail fails

Kenward Vaughan said:

> The first note I tried to send on this included a description about the
> overwriting of /etc/issue as well.  This I also fixed, but I wonder if the
> problems involve a rogue script somewhere in a .deb package.  I'd like to
> file a bug against it, but don't know what eveidence to look for if this
> is indeed the problem.  I'm still suspicious of pam.  Does anyone have a
> suggestion about that?

most(all?) of the scripts that execute from debian packages are in

while a longshot, installing something like debsums may help to determine
if there are a lot of files modified, many configuration files won't be
able to be checked by this since they are modified after package installation,
but it may help detect stuff in /bin or /sbin that may of been curropted.

good luck


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