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Re: Proftpd Configuration

El día Sun, 12 Jan 2003 19:02:56 +0100 "Willem-Jan Meijer"
<meyer3@chello.nl> escribió:

> Hello,
> After an hardware-upgrade I formatted my debian-server and installed
> it again. I forgot to backup some configuration files. Not a problem,
> almost everything is running fine again but proftpd not yet. I've
> searched google about it but in can't find the way it was.
> Wich lines are needed in the file that I can add an user (adduser) and
> set his/her directory on the server.
> i.e: User A has a directory /var/www/user_a
> Wich line I have to add to prftpd.conf to set that when he logs in by
> he opens directory /var/www/user_a
	Is /var/www/user_a the home directory of User A?

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