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parted giving strange error message

I have had a very strange problem using parted 1.6.4 under the sid
release of Debian.  I made a file system (logical partition 5) using
mke2fs 1.32 and then made it an ext3 with tune2fs.  I then put files
in there via cp and later after the source was gone, I realized that
I wanted to resize it to be somewhat larger.

What I got from parted was error: file system has incompatible
attribute.  Well, I wasn't sure so I discovered that they were
dir_index and file_type.  After removing dir_index, the journal  I tried again and
got a message something like the following:

Thisext2 file system has a strange layout which we cannot handle yet.

Can anyone tell me what is happening here?


         John Covici

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