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Re: Motorola SM56 on Debian Linux

S Yuval wrote:
    Own a Motorola SM56 winmodem and run Red Hat Linux 7.1. Frustrated with the poor maintenance capabilities of Red Hat I am considering moving to Debian. However, that decision depends on whether I can be assured that my modem works. Currently I am using drivers supplied in rpm form from Motorola; these run only on the older 2.2.* kernel. >From my short experience with Red Hat 8.0 there is no way to migrate the drivers to the newer 2.4.* kernel.
    From the research I have done so far it appears to me that it should not be difficult to convert the rpm package into a deb package using "alien". The question is however, which release of Debian to purchase and whether I have of a choice between what kernels I want to use. According to LinuxMall.com, Debian 3.0r0 allows the user to choose which kernel to install.
    Does this mean there is any chance my modem will work? If it does, I should get Debian 3.0r0 and install the older kernel, or should I get an older version (e.g. 2.7.*) ? I'd appreciate your assistance.
The drivers Motorola ships goes well also with 2.4 , tested ;)
You have to uncomment  a pair of line in file mm/slab.c in the kernel tree aroun line 1100.
Otherwise works only with gcc-2.95.

This is the trip:
See attachement nedit does not support cut'n paste trough this.

Good Luck!

Find this lines an uncomment it:


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