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Re: Making a DSL server

Michael D. Crawford said:
> That would be great if I could just do DHCP ethernet.
> But I have visited people who had DSL connections in their homes, that
> required  them to run some windows program to authenticate.

if thats the case then I reccomend not using such providers. As you will
probably come accross providers that use USB modems which are not
supported, or internal PCI modems.. Qwest for example used to sell an
internal Intel PCI modem for DSL service(it was that or the external
cisco when I ordered), which as far as I know was/is not compadible with
linux(at least at the time).

you may be better off just going with a dialup connection or ISDN. At
least with dialup there are several large nation wide ISPs(and world wide)
you can test with, I would expect them to use the same form of authentication
throughout their POPs.


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