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Re: PCAnywhere and IPCHAINS

Simon Tneoh Chee-Boon said:
> Hello nate,
>     Thanks for your reply.
>     I saw some examples using both portfw and autofw, that's why I was
> trying
> both.
> I've removed autofw but it still failed.
>     My machine details:
> server FW (IP: x.x.x.a interfaces: x.x.x.x/29 and
> ipchains running on it)
> pc C (IP: x.x.x.b PCAnywhere client)
> server P (IP: it behinds server A, PCAnywhere host)
>     So my externalip would be x.x.x.a and internal IP is On
> server
> FW, I've allowed both TCP and UDP connection for ports 5631 and 5632. When
> I tried to
> connect to server P from pc C, I always get timed out.

does the PCAnywhere server have IP of the machine doing
the NAT) as the default gateway? It needs to be in order to work. I
reccomend downloading a traffic sniffer for the PCAnywhere server to
see if the traffic is comming through. something like this should be

>     I'm not sure what have I still missed out here?

routing table of the PCAnywhere server? The packet sniffer should
show more information.


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