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RE: SuEXEC and CGI to two VirtualHosts


Thanks again for your assistance and ideas on this. The more I get into this
the more confusing it becomes!

If I understand you correctly, to use SuEXEC I am going to have to either 1.
completely change the way I wanted to set up my web directory (ies), or 2.
figure out how to configure SuEXEC prior to compiling Apache and compile it
from source myself. How can Debian leave us in such a fix?...where it is
clear that we can set up the Apache document root any way we want and it is
absolutely silent on the effects changes will have on using SuEXEC? (I have
looked through the docs installed with Apache and there is virtually (ahum)
nothing on SuEXEC.) If they thought it worth while to include in the build,
then it should have been worth some documentation...and I mean more than
"set it up according to the defaults and rules and it might work." (Even
that, put in terms of a warning, would have saved me a few weeks of
aggrivation for no good whatsoever.)

For the record, in order to demonstrate to myself that I did not myself
insert some hairbrained configuration data in the SuEXEC setup, I
uninstalled and re-installed Apache. There is no indication at all during
setup that SuEXEC is being installed (and it is)...the curious thing is that
the re-install picked up much (not all) of my old configuration (before
deleting it...thank goodness I had a backup)(but not the new document
root -- why doesn't the installation include the ability to specify the
document root in the case where SuEXEC is being installed automatically,
since SuEXEC seems to be so tightly bound to the installation
configuration)? The error message I am now getting from SuEXEC log is: error
(a different level of error) command not in docroot.

Time for some more thought.

Sidebar: I contrast this to a PHP/MySQL setup I also have where there is no
grief like this at all!

Best Wishes!
Mike Olds www.buddhadust.org

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