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Re: Does a Maxtor 5000 LE USB Drive Work under Linux?

	I am the person who started this thread originally and I
have spent a bit over three days thinking I was about home free
on getting this drive to work.  On the good advice of another
list member, I contacted the Maxtor Web site with the idea of
discussing how to make it work, but I didn't need to because
somebody has already asked.

	Here is the answer lifted from their web site.

   Technical Bulletin
     Answer ID
   Personal Storage
     Date Updated      
     10/17/2002 02:36 PM
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     Will the Personal Storage 5000 work with Linux?
     Personal Storage 5000 LE/DV/XT Functionality in a Linux Environment.
     Hardware drivers normally come from different operating system
   manufacturers. The Linux development community has not yet, as far as
   we are aware, developed drivers to allow Linux to be used with our
   1394 and USB interface.

	I guess the answer is, "not yet."  This is a lot better
than no.  If I knew just a little more than I presently do, I
would volunteer to tackle this problem, myself, but I don't yet
really know how the USB or 1394 interfaces work.

	This has all the earmarks of either a hand-shaking
protocol gone awry or an interrupt handler that may not be
returning cleanly from an ISR since it is so random and it also
seems to be related to the size of the data transfer.
One writes or reads a small file and it works.  Big operations are
sure to fail with the only question being whether just the
process hangs or the whole system dies.

	If it is a hand-shake problem, something is blocking and
waiting for something that never happens or happens so quickly
that it gets missed.

	If it is an ISR problem, maybe data are being lost when
returning or multiple interrupts are happening and blowing out
the stack.

	I have written some assembler programs before and I am
aware how hard it can be at times to debug events whose timing
can be effected by tracing program flow to the point that it is
very hard to replicate the same conditions that are causing
things to blow.

	If there is a better place to post this information,
please tell me.  If given enough time, I might figure it out by
the end of the decade, but I hope there are folks who are already
on the ground running with it.

Martin McCormick WB5AGZ  Stillwater, OK 
OSU Center for Computing and Information Services Network Operations Group

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