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Re: Windows Telnet

On 04/01/03 csj@mindgate.net did speaketh:

> > There are a few "features" that various other terminal programs
> > (GNOME, KDE, rxvt, Eterm, etc.) have that xterm does not:
> > 
> > 1) transparency
> > 2) arbitrary images as background
> > 3) multiple windows in the same process
> > 4) tabbed terminals
> > 5) a menubar
> > 
> > Of these, only tabbed terminals (which is only in KDE's
> > terminal, I think) is even vaguely useful/desirable.

    Not to mention that the aforementioned terminals are nowhere-near as
adaptable and reliable as xterm. It was one of the only terms that supported
turning off BoldMode, for example, and can be compiled with logging. I hate
the fact that KDE/Gnome developers don't like X resources. Now I have to go to
three places to customize my apps instead of one. Thanks for nothing. 


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