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Re: burning divx to play on dvd player

At Fri, 03 Jan 2003 16:45:27 +1100,
John Griffiths wrote:
> wow, lots of work to get all the bits i need,
> thanks for that I'll have another shot next week.
> At 04:46 AM 1/3/03 +0000, Travis Crump wrote:
> >John Griffiths wrote:


> > > I've got a divx file (not a copyrighted one, it's from
> > > http://www.crewoftwo.com/movie/index.html and they made it
> > > themselves) that i'd like to play on a dvd player.
> > > 
> > > my flatmate burns them under windows all the time but i
> > > don't ahve a windows cd bruner and figure it shouldn't me
> > > too hard.
> > > 
> > > does anyone know if i can just make an iso of the file and
> > > burn it down as usual?

You probably can't. The two major video formats that DVD players
support are DVD's and VCD's, both of which don't use the
filesystems typical to (data) CDROM's.

> > > or is there mroe magic required?

No magic. But as you may have already noted above, the pieces
probably won't come in one neat package. It's also more work if
you want to make an honest-to-goodness DVD. Since you downloaded
the DivX from a free (as in free beer) source, I suspect it's a
movie short. This would fit nicely on a VCD or its better looking
cousin, SVCD.


> > Convert the divx to an mpeg with mencoder [get it at
> > http://marillat.free.fr/] and then use vcdtools or vcdimager
> > to create a bin image which you can burn to a cd using cdrdao.

Throw in MPlayer (MEncoder's more popular brother) to preview
your creation. Also available at that site is avidemux, which has
a gui that will let you do simple edits. Once you have converted
the DivX to MPEG-1 (or 2, if you want an SVCD), you go much of
the same route: vcdimager to create the disk image and cdrdao to
burn the image.

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